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Steve Freeman
Broker, Owner, REALTOR
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Jackson Twp Other Twps Whole County
Homes Pending Sale 30 23 53
Pending Median $ 134,900 157,900 144,900
Available Homes 41 38 79
Available Median List Price 164,900 149,900 162,000
Avail: Up to 100k 6 9 15
Avail: 100-150k 11 11 22
Avail: 150-200k 11 4 15
Avail: 200-250k 5 2 7
Avail:250-300k 1 5 6
Avail: 300-350k 1 0 1
Avail: 350-400k 1 5 6
Avail: 400-450k 1 0 1
Avail: 450-500k 1 0 1
Avail: 500k and up 3 2 5

Click for list of available Jackson County homes.

Qty Sold in past 365 days (1-yr)***


232 563
Median Sale Price 1yr 127,000 139,000 129,900
The information below is intended to provide a general perspective on the changes in the Jackson County residential property prices and quantities sold.  F5 to refresh.
Qty Sold over 2 yrs 677 470 1147
2-yr Median Price 121,900 124,900 122,900
Qty Sold over 5 yrs 1677 1103 2780
5-yr Median Price 110,000 116,500 112,520

Jackson Township is the  bulk of Seymour, the largest town in the county.  The smaller portion of Seymour, on the north side, is Redding Township.

This information is current as of the date above. 

The source of this data is the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of REALTORS (MIBOR) MLS database as well as proprietary data contained in the CountyRealty database. All information should be verified by user before use for any decision. This information is not warranted nor guaranteed, but is believed reliable by CountyRealty.  As a general rule, homes offered for sale via the web portal "" are not included in this database. 

* Residential Property ONLY. Data for County INCLUDES Jackson Twp data.

** Median data reflects midpoint where 50% are above and 50% are below; it is NOT an average. 

*** Sales data includes Sheriff Sale data; and this is also reflected in the Median Sale Price data.



Welcome To CountyRealty

My name is Steve Freeman, and I am the broker and owner of  CountyRealty. I do things my own special and creative way, including designing and operating this website. Welcome.

Over the years I've come to appreciate that everyone is different. Everyone needs someplace to live; whether that's buying a home, renting a home or apartment, or living with the folks after getting out of school.  Everyone eventually comes to understand that no one lives anywhere for free. There are utilities to pay, insurance payments to make, and rents to pay; either for an apartment you are sharing or the equivalent house payment.  Everything costs money.  Regardless of hopes and desires, most things boil down to money and affordability. 

Talk to your lender about financing right away - there is zero benefit in waiting.  You could even lose the house you want because another buyer that had a pre-approval letter included with their offer. Do this today. 

The "Find Homes" database offers access to all the residential property information you might want; current listings as well as sold property data.   All it takes to look at it is an email with your name asking to look. (I must confirm your email and send you a User Name and Password to get access; and provide a Terms of Use statement for you to read.) You will find homes based on your inputs and that's all it takes to begin the process. This method lets you find and sort through properties quickly and efficiently; and you can print (or save as PDF) and use. This is a "hands-on" system and is not automated. 

If automation is what you want, I can do that too!  I have a tool that can automatically notify you of properties that fit your profile - all I need  to set it up is - you guessed it - your profile!  Just let me know your name, email, and a good description of what you want and I will set you up to get automated notification in real-time.  This method shows all of the photos.  A drawback is that it could fill up your inbox if you aren't careful or specific enough in what you want.  Of course there is no obligation and you can opt-out at any time. 

If you want, you can use both methods.  Either way should launch you on your way to home ownership.

Next give me a call or an email letting me know your schedule and what homes you might want to see and I'll start making viewing appointments. Once we see a few homes you will get a feel for what your housing dollar will buy. If you have a home to sell first, just let me know and we can get started on that too.  I do all of this with no pressures and no hassles; GUARANTEED. 

The best and only thing I offer you is the best advice I can. I do my best to be direct and to the point. I will always be honest and clear; whether giving your good news or bad. Your job is to be receptive to that advice and ask me questions when it comes to buying or selling your home. Fair enough? Also, the home I may help you buy or sell must be in Jackson County because I pay little to zero attention to the goings-on in the markets surrounding the county. I do not keep up on location characteristics, school systems, local rules regarding septic systems, water service providers, electric or internet providers or all of those other things outside of Jackson County. Instead, I focus my expertise on those factors affecting residential property inside Jackson County only

Simply stated - I like helping people buy homes in Jackson County Indiana. I am ready to go to work for you now. It's time for you to "open the gate" and get started on your path of home ownership.  You may be very surprised at what we might find together.  

I, Steve Freeman, am a licensed and very independent real estate broker in Indiana.  I only work with rational human beings. I've been serving Jackson County Indiana exclusively since 1995. In 2000 I earned the prestigious Jackson County REALTOR of the Year Award.  I am a member of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR); the Indiana Association of REALTORS (IAR); the Jackson County Board of REALTORS Multiple Listing Service (MLS); Jackson County Landlord Association; First United Methodist Church; Seymour Evening Lions Club, and the National Rifle Association.  I am also honorably discharged from the United States Navy after serving from 1980-1985.   * 9/16/18

Steve Freeman, Owner
1790 N Co Rd 180 E
Brownstown, IN 47220
Smartphone: 812-528-0976

CountyRealty.Com is wholly owned by Steve Freeman  2000-INFINITY; All Rights Reserved. CountyRealty is committed to the letter and spirit of the US policy for the achievement of equal housing opportunity throughout the nation. CountyRealty encourages and supports affirmative advertising and marketing programs in which there are no barriers to obtaining housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin.