Office Policy Regarding Agency
"How Agents Work for People"

Indiana Law (IC.25-34.1-10-9.5) provides that I, Steve Freeman, principal broker of have an agency relationship with, and am representing, the individual with whom I am working unless: 

1.  there is a written agreement to the contrary, or;    2.  I am assisting the individual in a customer relationship. 

Representing Buyers Buyer Agency

If working in the capacity of a Buyers Agent, I represent the interests of the Buyer when showing the properties listed with another company.  I owe duties of trust, loyalty, confidentiality, accounting, and disclosure to the Buyer.  I must, however, deal honestly with a seller.  All representations made by me are made as an agent of the Buyer.  

Representing Sellers Seller Agency

If working in the capacity of a Sellers Agent, I represent the interests of the Seller  to market and sell the property.  I owe duties of trust, loyalty, confidentiality, accounting, and disclosure to the Seller.  I must, however, deal honestly with a Buyer and disclose information to the buyer about the property.  All representations made by me about the property are made as the agent of the Seller.  

Seller is advised that the property may be sold with the assistance of other licensees and/or Realtors working as Buyer Agents.  Furthermore, if an Agency relationship exists with the Seller, CountyRealty.coms policy is to cooperate with and compensate Buyer Agents.  Buyer Agents are licensees and/or Realtors  described above who show the property to prospective buyers, but who represent only the interests of Buyers.  Buyer Agents owe duties of trust, loyalty, confidentiality, accounting and disclosure to buyers only.  All representations made by Buyer Agents about the property are not made as the agent of the Seller. 

Representing Buyers and Sellers Simultaneously Limited Agency  

I  may, from time to roex replica sale time personally represent a Seller as Sellers Agent in the case of a property listed with my brokerage,  If that occurs, then I have agency duties to both Buyer and Seller  which may be different or even adversarial.  If such an Agency relationship arises, this shall be conveyed to all parties prior to showing the property to a potential Buyer.  If Limited Agency arises, then I shall not and cannot disclose the following without the informed consent, in writing, of both Buyer and Seller:

1.  Any material or confidential information, except adverse material facts or risks actually known by me concerning the physical condition of the property and facts required by statute, rule, or regulation to be disclosed that could not be discovered by a reasonable and timely inspection of rolex replica watches the property by the parties. (Buyer and / or Seller or their inspectors).

2.  That a Buyer will pay more than the offered purchase price for the property.

3.  That a Seller will accept less than the listed price for the property.

4.  Other terms that would create a contractual advantage for one party over the other.

5.  What motivates a party to buy or sell a property

In a limited agency situation, I shall obtain compensation pursuant to a listing contract unless a written Buyers Agency Contract provides for an alternative payment method.  Additionally, in a Limited Agency situation, the parties agree there will be no imputation of knowledge or information between any party and the limited agent or among Licensees/Realtors.  


It is acknowledged that Agency Relationships have been explained to the client/customer and that client/customer understands these relationships with respect to cartier replica sale real estate transactions.  As proof, you will be required to sign a printed version of this Office Policy when we meet in person for the first time. 





 I, Steve Freeman, am a licensed and very independent real estate broker in Indiana.  I've been serving Jackson County Indiana exclusively since 1995. In 2000 I earned the Jackson County REALTOR of the Year Award.  I am a member of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR); the Indiana Association of REALTORS (IAR); the Jackson County Board of REALTORS Multiple Listing Service (MLS); Jackson County Landlord Association; First United Methodist Church; and Seymour Evening Lions Club.  

CountyRealty.Com is wholly owned by Steve Freeman  2000-Infinity, All Rights Reserved.

Contact Steve Freeman
CountyRealty 1790 N County Road 180 E "Quarry Road" Brownstown, IN 47220
Home/Office: 812-358-8635 Cell: 812-528-0976

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